CORONAVIRUS – keeping you safe on holiday




Housekeeping procedures in place to keep you safe whilst in the Caravan:

  • A deep clean of the Caravan before every arrival, of all surfaces with a detergent/disinfectant mixture that kills 99.9 germs
  • A 500ml Hand Sanitiser will be in the Caravan for your use. However, you may also wish to bring your own, depending on how long your holiday is.
  • A spray surface cleaner that kills 99.9 germs is also in the kitchen for you to use.
  • We would ask all guests to play their part when you arrive or return to the Caravan, to wash your hands with the soap or sanitiser provided. This will ensure a much safer and cleaner place for you to stay.

Bedding, etc

Beds will not be made on arrival during this pandemic, instead clean bedding will be left in the bedrooms.

There will be clean mattress, duvet and pillow protectors on every arrival.

Where scatter cushions have been left out, they will be clean on your arrival and safe to use.

Clean throws may also be available should you wish to use these on the sofas to sit on.

All toys, games, books, attraction leaflets have had to be removed during this present crisis.

DVDs have been left out for you to use, as they will have been wiped over with a cleaning agent.

Where Information folders are left out, all info inside are in plastic wallets and will have been wiped over with cleaning agent, prior to arrival.


If you develop COVID19 symptoms, please ring 111 for information on this. If you believe you are coming down with COVID19, we would ask that you return to your own home, letting us know by phone or email. We will refund that part of your holiday you have not been able to take. We may have new guests arriving on your departure date, so it may not be possible to stay for any quarantine period.  If you do stay on later than your departure date, due to illness, there will be further costs involved


Money back Guarantee

If you are unable to take up your holiday because one your party has to self isolate, or there are travel restrictions imposed once again, or the Government have not lifted the ban on holiday parks, we will refund all monies paid or you can re-book for different dates.

If and when Hoburne Naish re-open, they may not open all their facilities or have any entertainment straightaway.  If this is the case, and because of this, you did not wish to take up your holiday, we would give a full refund of monies paid.  Alternatively, if you still wished to continue your holiday without Hoburne facilities, we would not require the club pass costs.  If these have already been paid, we would refund them to you.